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Membership in NLHA is welcome to anyone interested in supporting Nebraska Authors!

If there’s a heart to the sprawling body of Nebraska Literature, it’s quietly beating in the Heritage Room. – Ted Kooser

The Nebraska Literary Heritage Association’s mission is to “encourage the collection, preservation, and promotion of work by and about Nebraska authors through support of the Lincoln City Libraries special collection, the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors, and to foster the creation and appreciation of this literature through programs, collaborative partnerships, and the use of technology.”

Lincoln City Libraries staff began developing this special collection in 1949. It was moved to its present location on the third floor of Bennett Martin Public Library in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1978 and was supported by city funding until 1981.

When city funding was eliminated, due to fiscal constraints, the Junior League of Lincoln formed the Nebraska Authors Project to provide continued support for the growing collection.
The Nebraska Literary Heritage Association (NLHA) grew out of this project.
NLHA was established in 1983 under the auspices of the Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries.

NLHA provides financial and programming support for the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors. The room currently houses more than 13,000 volumes representing more than 4,000 authors. Financial support comes from membership dues and from the Spelling Bee (begun in 1984). The Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries administers the Heritage Room Endowment Fund which contains funds from the National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant (1989) and funds deposited by NLHA. Money raised by NLHA helps maintain public access to the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors collection and supports NLHA programs.  NLHA membership news is published in
The Bookmark, the Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries newsletter.

Programs sponsored by NLHA include the Writers Write workshop for 8th graders, the Lunch at the Library programs, and the Read to Me programs in elementary schools. All are designed to encourage an interest in reading and writing and to further knowledge and understanding of Nebraska authors.

Since 1988, NLHA has sponsored the Literary Heritage Award, currently presented at the annual Spelling Bee. This award recognizes a writer or a group that promotes excellence in writing and literature in Nebraska.

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10/5/2016  John Fulwider  –  Better Together

11/2/2016  Joe Starita  –  A Warrior of the People: The Indomitable Courage of Susan La Flesche

12/7/2016  –  Vicky Wood – Youth Services Coordinator at Lincoln City Libraries, will present “Good Books for Sharing.”
This popular annual review of books highlights titles that make great gifts for all ages.

2/1/2017  Tim Anderson   –  Lonesome Dreamer: The Life of John G. Neihardt

3/1/2017  Christine Starr Davis  –  Skin, Bone, Feather

4/5/2017  –  Pat Leach – Library Director of Lincoln City Libraries, will present Notable Books from The American Library Association.
This popular annual program is a book lovers romp through some of the best books published in the past year.

Bring your lunch and enjoy coffee provided by The Mill!  Programs begin at 12:10pm in the 4th Floor Auditorium

Bennett Martin Public Library, 136 S. 14th Street, Lincoln, NE.

Sponsored by the Nebraska Literary Heritage Association, support group for the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors

For more information, call 402.441.8516; email:


Join the Nebraska 150 Reading Challenge

Open your mind to what Nebraska authors have to offer.  You will be amazed by the scope of literature and books produced by writers right here in Nebraska.


The John Ames Reading Series, begun in 1985, showcases Nebraska authors reading their own works. This series is  provided by Lincoln City Libraries and held in the the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors.

Sunday, October 23, 2016Ladette Randolph – A Different Plain

Recent programs are available on demand through 5 CITY-TV at  Program DVDs are available for check-out and inter-library loans.

For more information, call 402.441.8516; email:

32nd Annual Spelling Bee


As far back as 1949, the Reference Department of Lincoln City Libraries realized the importance of gathering information specific to Nebraska authors, and what began as a single shelf of books has grown into a room-sized collection — the Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors.

The Heritage Room preserves and promotes works by and about Nebraska authors, past and present, with the goal of housing them in one location.

The Heritage Room contains much more than books — information files, photographs, audio and videocassettes, compact discs, artwork, and other memorabilia reflecting Nebraska’s rich literary tradition are also available.

Its namesake, Jane Pope Geske (1919-1999), was a founding member of the Nebraska Literary Heritage Association. She tirelessly worked to bring people and books together.


Marcia Dority Baker, Marty Eischeid, Molly Fisher, Janet Hyde, Jenni Jex (chair), Wendy Johnson, Donna Marvin, Meredith McGowan, Nancy Swetland, and Bonnie Williams.


sb 2016


Name  –  Sponsor(s)

1. Jim Seiler  –  Gail McNair & Seiler Bros.    

2. Janeen Ward  –  Self & Johnson Siblings

3. Joy Shiffermiller  –  Self & Johnson Siblings    

4. Aimee Allard – UNL English Department

5. Wally Seiler  –  Self & Seiler Bros.    

6. Jerry Seiler  –  Self & Seiler Bros.

7. Tom McGowan  –  Meredith McGowan    

8. Jim Johnson  –  Self & Johnson Siblings

9. Stuart Stofferahn  –  Wendy Johnson    

10. Brian Mason  –  Wendy Johnson

11. Kathryn Brockmeier  –  Molly Fisher    

12. Greg Brockmeier  –  Kathryn Brockmeier

13. Nate Taylor  –  Nancy Swetland    

14. Jeff Hines  –  Self    

15. Richard Miller  –  Self

16. Tracy Tibbels  –  Pat Leach    

17. Kolette Satterfield  –  LCL Staff Association

18. Allan Eurek  –  Self    

19. Scout Richters  –  Judy Garlock    

20. Larry Day  –  Day Clan

21. Kyle Fischer  –  Marty Eischeid    

22. JD Flynn  –  Self     

23. Jeff Johnson  –  Self


Year  –  Winning Contestant  –  Winning Word

2016  –  Tom McGowan  –  cachou

2015  –  Larry Day & Aimee Allard (tie)  –

2014  –  Larry Day  –  duopsony

2013  –  Priscilla Handy  –  wattage    

2012  –  Brad Bossung  –  trichinosis
  2009  –  Larry Day   –  chlorella    

2008  –  Julia Doerr  –  isinglass
2007  –  Michael Cartwright  –  (unkown)    

2006  –  Brent Mehling  –  anodyne
2005  –  Larry Day  –  zebu    

2004 –  Brian Bornstein  –  adamantine

2003  –  Rod Confer  –  oubliette    

2002  –  Brian Bornstein  –  pellucid
2001   –  (not held)

2000  –  Tex Richters  –  picayune    

1999  –  George Day  –  helical
1998  –  Donald McGinley  –  chicanery    

1997  –  Kathryn Bellman  –  eiderdown
1996  –  Larry Day  –  bifurcate    

1995  –  Francois Neville  –  imbrication
1994  –  Bill Regier  –  cacophonous    

1993  –  Judy Sing  –  hegemony
1992  –  Maureen Hutfless  –  samite    

1991  –  Bob Gibson  –  brougham
1990  –  Anny Gillis  –  antependium    

1989  –  Vaughn Border  –  monstrous
1988  –  Mary White  –  ossification    

1987  –  Donald McGinley  –  arcanum
1986  –  Deb Pearson  –  pyorrhea    

1985  –  Kathleen Rutledge  –  balalaika
1984  –  Sydney Lynch  –  parallelepiped



(They deserve a really big pat on the back!)

John Baylor -Twelve Time Event Emcee     Scott Stewart – Bee-terfly Artist

Rod Wagner & Nebraska Library Commission     Pat Leach & Lincoln City Libraries

Gail McNair & Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries     Barbara Hansen

Kathy Jeune     Erin Willis     Chocolatier Blue -4101 Pioneer Woods Dr, Lincoln

Korn Popper – 1417 N St, Lincoln     Le Cupcake – 5563 S 48th St, Lincoln

Le Quartier – 6900 O St Ste 132, Lincoln     Licorice International – 803 Q St Ste 300, Lincoln

Lincoln Olive Oil Shop – 201 N 7th St Ste 108, Lincoln     Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso – 1624 South St, Lincoln

Nothing Bundt Cakes – 4107 Pioneer Woods Dr Ste 102, Lincoln

Single Barrel Chop House & Whiskey Bar – 130 N 10th St, Lincoln


Spelling Bee Emcee: John Baylor

 Spelling Bee Judges:

Marcia Dority Baker – NLHA     Barbara Jacobson – FLCL

Layne Pierce – LCL


Betty Bogus – Embroidered Bee Tea Towels     Butterfly Bakery – One Dozen Cupcakes

Jane Cech – Bumble Bee Door Decor     Lacey Losh – Signed Copy of Libraries Around the World

Jon Nelson – Poets Like Oysters, Last Poems by Barbara Gibbs

Bob Ripley & Stacy James – $100 Gift Certificate to Capitol Gift Shop

Karen Shoemaker – Signed Copy of The Meaning of Names     Scott Stewart – Hand Colored Bee-terfly Print

RK Vetter – Signed Copy of Sharley’s Lessons     Andrew Willis – Mangiamiele Gift Set


Thanks to their generous contributions and donations, this year’s spelling bee has been brought to you by…

A Attorneys at Cline Williams, L.L.P.  233 S 13th St, Lincoln, (402) 474-6900
B – Brody, Bailey, Barrett, & Brady Jex
C Chiropractor Matthew Horak, D.C. 1640 Normandy Ct Ste B, Lincoln, (402) 904-7179
D Dentist Craig Vacek, D.D.S. 343 N Cotner Blvd, Lincoln, (402) 466-1914
E – Elivette & Elyse Wagner
F – Footloose & Fancy | Threads 4131 Pioneer Woods Dr, Lincoln, (402) 488-6119 1219 P St, Lincoln, (402) 476-6119
G – Gail’s Grandsons | Gail McNair
H – Husker Hives | Nate Lueders, Owner
I – Irresistible! Simply Amaizen Popcorn & Snacks 4451 N 26th St Ste 950, Lincoln, (402) 904-5263
J – John Baylor Prep   (402) 475-PREP,
K – Klaus & Gisela Hartmann
L – Learning, Literacy, & Literature Lady Leach, Library Lover
M – Madeleine Hollis Tom & Meredith McGowan’s New Granddaughter
N – NAQS Environmental Experts 301 S 9th St Ste 200, Lincoln, (402) 310-5321
O – omt! divine women’s resale 1725 Van Dorn St, Lincoln, (402) 423-2066
P – Press Box Sports Bar & Grille 5601 S 56th St, Lincoln, (402) 261-3859
Q – Queen Bee Molly Fisher
R – Rod & Diane Wagner
S – Scott Stewart The Bee-terfly Artist
T – Tico’s Foods of Mexico 317 S 17th St, Lincoln, (402) 475-1048
U – Utahans Kent & Terri Jex
V – Veterinarian Judy Mulder, D.V.M. 1715 Van Dorn Ste B, Lincoln, (402) 423-5550
W – Willis Family – Andrew, Erin, & Kids
X – Rex & Joy Walton
Y – Yarn Shop 5221 S 48th St Ste 6, Lincoln, (402)489-9550   (Courtesy of Dan & Donna Marvin)
Z – amaZing, anonymous donor!